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Privacy Policy


The information that we collect, how we use that information, and the options that you have regarding specific uses of the information that we gather are all things that will be discussed in our privacy policy, the objective of which is to enlighten you about these topics. The following is a concise overview of the most important sections of our extensive privacy policy that may be found in its whole here.This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is intended to describe the data collection practices of (“”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) in connection with the website (together with its subdomains, features, and services available thereon, the “Site”) or any website that is part of the Network of sites’ applications for mobile (the “App”), and in connection with your use or engagement with any feature, content, offer, element, or service that However, they should not be used for purposes of interpretation, and it is our intention that these headings will make it simpler for you to navigate our Privacy Policy.

Below, we have included section and sub-part titles for your reading convenience; however, they should not be used for such purposes. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time in line with our single and unrestricted discretion, which we maintain the right to exercise. We also reserve the right to exercise this right in any way we see fit.

In that case, we will post the new Privacy Policy on the Site as well as the App, and the “Last Modified” statement that can be found at the bottom of the page will be updated to reflect the date that the revised version will take effect in the app and on the website. After the aforementioned date, your approval and acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy are considered to have been given whenever you access or use the Site, as well as whenever you download, access, and/or use the App. This includes all instances in which the revised Privacy Policy is deemed to have been accepted. In the event that we make any modifications that are deemed to be significant, we will ensure that you get a notice that is more prominent seven (7) days prior to the date on which the modifications will take effect. For instance, we might publish a notice about the change on both the website and the mobile application. In this scenario, the revisions will become active seven (7) days following the publication of the notification of such a change.

  • This Privacy Policy is an essential component of the Terms of Service that govern the use of Our Services. (these are the “Terms”) Any capitalized term that we don’t define in this Privacy Policy will be understood in accordance with the definition that is provided for it in the Terms.
  • When you visit or use Our Services, we may collect some information regarding your visit and usage of Our Services. We may collect this information in one or more of the following ways, depending on which ways we choose to collect it:
  • The information that you provide for us to use. You will be needed to either disclose or submit specified Personal Information in order to make use of some of Our Services. This will be the case regardless of whatever option you choose to comply with this requirement.

Some of the features and/or services that require you to provide Personal Information are subject to your specific and active consent (such as creating a user profile, adding your review to one of the services or products that appear on Our Services, newsletters which may become available in certain Sites or Apps from time to time, promotional material and forms), and choice, while others will be collected upon your consent to this Privacy Policy, as described below. For example, creating a user profile requires your specific and active consent, while adding your review to one of Developing a user profile and contributing a review to one of the products or services featured on Our Services. The term “Personal Information” is used in the context of this Privacy Policy to refer to information that can be used to personally identify an individual, either on its own or in conjunction with other information. This information can be used to do so either on its own or in combination with other information. This comprises information such as a first and surname name, an email address, a phone number, a home or other physical address, and any other contact information that may be required. The Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device, which is provided by your Internet service provider, has the potential to be considered Personal Information in certain jurisdictions. This is because IP addresses are used to identify devices on the internet.

The reason for this is the targeted application that we put the information through. In that case, we will treat the information as personal with regard to all aspects of its processing and protection; nevertheless, we will in no manner utilize such information with the intention of identifying individual users in any way.Forms and Services Provided by Third Parties Our services categorize, rank, and evaluate a wide range of third-party companies, brands, and commercial organizations (collectively referred to as “Partners”), as well as the goods and/or services that these entities offer on their own (collectively referred to as “Products”). We may, at various times, make available to you the offers, services, and Products of our Partners through the utilization of an online form that you are needed to fill out, and the completion of this form is contingent on your intention, choice, and consent. Your information will be used to support your connection and/or engagement with the relevant Partner (“Lead”), and the information that you supply on this form will be utilized to do so. You may be taken to a landing page or an online form that is owned and maintained by the Partner if you click the applicable Partner symbol or tab; in a similar vein, you may also be taken to the Landing Page through other websites and online searches. Simply click the icon or tab that corresponds to the relevant Partner if you want to acquire additional information about a Partner or a Product, or if you want to pursue any other type of transaction with a Partner. On the Landing Page, it is possible that you will be required to supply certain information in any circumstance. This is something that you should be prepared for. This data might contain personally identifiable information about you, such as your name, email address, and phone number (we’ll refer to all of this data as “Landing Page Info” from here on out). Your contribution of Landing Page Info is collected directly by the Partner who provided it, and it will include information about that Partner’s own privacy policy as well as information about that Partner’s own data collection methods information.

We strongly recommend that you examine such privacy policies in order to obtain a deeper comprehension of the reasons behind the acquisition and exploitation of the Personal Information that you give because these are the reasons that are described in greater detail in such policies. Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs If you send us a “Contact Us” (or similar) request, whether by submitting an online form that we make available, by sending an email to an email address that we display, by using a feedback or reporting feature that is available on Our Services, or by any other means, you may be required to provide us with certain Personal Information, such as your name and email address. If you send us a “Contact Us” (or similar) request, we may use the information that you provide to respond to your inquiry. If you make us a request using the “Contact Us” button or a similar one, we may use the information that you supply in order to answer to your question.

This information, including the content of your approach, will be used for the purposes of processing and responding to your request as well as for our legitimate business purposes. Sections 4 and 5 of this Privacy Policy go into further detail regarding both of these categories of reasons why we collect and use your information.Blogs, newsletters, and various other types of online promotions and activities There is a potential that Our Services will incorporate a blog forum, reviews, and articles that provide information regarding Our Services, Partners, Products, and the suitable market vertical. When you use our services, you might also get the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters, take part in surveys, and take part in a range of other promotional activities (some of which may be administered by us, and some of which may be administered by third party services with which we engage). It is possible that in each of the aforementioned scenarios, your participation (such as responding on the blog forum, subscribing to a newsletter, or taking part in a survey) will require you to supply your Personal Information, such as your name and email address. Alternatively, it is also possible that you will not be required to provide this information. In that event, the information that you submit will also be provided directly to the third party in question, and it will be used in accordance with both this privacy policy and the privacy policy of the third party in question, as well as for the purpose for which you provided the information in the first place. Moreover, the information will be used for the purpose for which you provided the information in the first place.User profiles as well as ratings and comments left by other users It’s possible that we’ll provide you with the opportunity to create a user profile for some of Our Services or to compose a review of one of our Partners. If you decide to do any of these two things, you will be needed to provide us with additional information about yourself in order for us to be able to give you a more individualized experience than we would otherwise be able to give you.

3.2. The Information That You Provide to Us. The following is a list of the several ways in which we collect information about your utilization of Our Services and your interaction with Our Services:

The following is information pertaining to the Device: We Collect Information Regarding the Device We collect information regarding the device for the purposes of delivering and compatibility, as well as for language, geographical location, and time zone. We gather information about the device, such as the device type and version, the kind of operating system, the language and version, and information that may be pulled out of a user agent, including geographic location, time zone, and browser type and version. Interactions and Usage: In order to provide Our Services, run the Site and App, and continue to improve them, as well as to be able to sync with our Partners and affiliates, we collect information about your interaction and use of Our Services. This allows us to provide Our Services, run the Site and App, and continue to improve them. This information includes the URLs from which you were directed to the Site or App and to which you are referred from the Site or App, as well as the internal URL’s of the Site or App in which you visited and your actions with respect to Our Services (such as creating an account, making a purchase, etc.). In addition, this information includes the IP address from which you accessed the Site or App.

Log Files: We collect information by accessing the server’s log files and also by deploying tracking technologies inside Our Services, such as pixel tags. This is how we obtain information. 3.2.3. Log Files: This is done so that trends can be evaluated, as well as the engagement and interaction of users with Our Services. It’s possible that one of the sorts of information acquired is the Internet Protocol (IP) address that your Internet service provider has assigned to the device you’re using. Any intellectual property that we acquire will only be kept and utilized by us for a limited period of time that has been determined in advance. In order for us to provide you with Our Services in a manner that is suitable to where you are from and in the language that is most familiar to you, the first thing we need to do is obtain a better understanding of your geographical location (which includes the country, the region, and the language).

Second, our system makes use of automated technologies to do research on the IP addresses in order to determine whether or not they could be phony IP addresses. Technologies for Keeping Track of Users, Such as Cookies and Similar Programs Cookies and other non-personally identifiable web tracking technologies, such as “web beacons” and “pixel tags,” may be utilized by our Services. These technological solutions could be implemented by either our company or by independent service suppliers. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto your computer whenever you visit a website. These cookies allow websites to remember information about your browsing habits. Cookies often include a series of characters stored within them. Cookies are very little text files that are downloaded to your computer and then stored there. Cookies are what allow websites to recognize your browser the next time you visit the website.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and have the ability to capture information about your activities and preferences online, as well as other data relating to your interactions with Our Services. You are able to modify the settings on your browser so that it will either refuse all cookies or display you a notification whenever one is delivered to your browser. You can do either of these things by clicking the “Settings” button on your browser’s toolbar. Without cookies, it is possible that certain aspects of the website and app, such as certain features or services, will not work as they were intended to, and it is also possible that you will no longer have access to certain aspects of the website and app. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and are read when you visit a website or use an app. Pixel tags are a type of technology that can be added to a website in order to track activity on the website or, if relevant, to determine when emails are viewed or accessed. This can be accomplished by adding the pixel tags. Cookies and pixel tags are frequently used in tandem with one another.

You are in no way compelled by law to provide us with any personally identifying information, and you can choose whether or not to do so (and you acknowledge that providing us with Personal Information is done freely). In addition, you are not required to use Our Services in any way, shape, or form. When you use Our Services and engage or interact with the Site or App in any way, you are signaling your approval to this Privacy Policy and to our information practices that are detailed below. Please do not use or use Our Services in any other manner if you do not agree to be bound in any way by this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy in any way, do not use Our Services.In order for you to make use of some components of Our Services, we will require that you furnish us with certain Personal Information. When faced with a situation like this one, the choice of whether or not to make use of the essential services rests entirely with you. Be aware that even if you have provided us with your Personal Information, you still have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This is the case notwithstanding the fact that you have provided us with your Personal Information (please refer to section 8 below for further details about opting out and withdrawing consent). You are not required to continue providing us with your Personal Information after you have exercised your right to withdraw permission at any time.Data Subject Rights within the EU. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs how any personally identifiable information that we gather in accordance with this Privacy Policy is handled and treated.

As a user located in the EU, you may:

Gain access to the personally identifiable information that we have stored about you. To verify your identity and ensure that you are who you say you are, we will need to ask you to furnish us with specific credentials. If you discover that the Personal Information is not accurate, full, or up to date, then we kindly ask that you supply us with the information required to make the necessary corrections.
Get in touch with us if you decide you no longer want us to process the personal information we have collected from you. The lawfulness of processing that was based on consent prior to its withdrawal will not be affected in any way by the exercise of this right.

Make a request to have your personal information deleted or to have access to it restricted. You have the ability to make a request to be informed that third parties that hold your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy will act accordingly if you exercise one (or more) of the rights that have been mentioned above, provided that you do so in accordance with the provisions outlined in the law.
In the event that your personal information is used for the purpose of direct marketing, you have the right to object to the use of that information in any processing that occurs.
be afforded the opportunity to file a complaint with a supervisory authority responsible for data protection.

9.2. Canada. In the event that you are a resident of Canada, you have the legal right to make a request for specific information concerning the transfer of your personal information to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing conducted by those third parties. Please use this link if you would like to make such a request.

9.3 Important Information Regarding Your Privacy, Residents of California The legislation of California might relate to the way we share our data in certain circumstances. This section, which is intended to supplement the primary privacy policy, may apply to you if you are a resident of the state of California. Residents of California are granted some rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which pertains to their personal information and how it is handled. You have the right, to the extent permitted by law and given that you are a resident of California, to do the following:

Make a Request to Learn/Get Access. You have the right to know what information we have collected, used, or disclosed in the prior twelve (12) months, and you can exercise this right at any time.

For more information on how to exercise this right, please read Section 3.1 (“Information you supply to us”), Section 3.2 (“Information we collect”), and Section 3.3 (“Information we receive from third parties”). If we receive your request for such information and verify your identity, we will also provide you with the precise pieces of personal information that we have gathered on you.
Request to Deletion. You have the right to request that any of your personal information that we collect and retain about you be removed from our databases; however, there are some circumstances in which this request cannot be honored (such as detecting security incidents, debugging, comply with legal obligations, etc.). Once we have confirmed your identification, we will remove all of your personally identifiable information from our files, unless there is a specific need to keep it.
Put in a request to be excluded from having your personal information sold. Even though we do not sell customers’ personal information at this time, the California Consumer Protection Act may regard certain of our use of cookies to be a “selling” of customers’ personal information. If you live in California and want to prevent your information from being “sold” to third parties, you may do so by going to the bottom of our homepage, clicking the link that says “do not sell my personal information,” and then checking the box that says “opt out.” Even after you have exercised your choice to opt out, you may still be exposed to advertising that is targeted to a wider audience regarding Our Services.

No Discrimination. We will not treat you differently because you have exercised the rights described above in the following ways: (A) we will not deny you goods or services; (B) we will not charge you different rates for goods or services; (C) we will not provide you with a different level or quality of goods or services; and (D) we will not suggest that you will receive a different price, rate, level, or quality of goods or services. However, we may have a different rate or provide a different level or quality.
Addressing Concerns Regarding Privacy After receiving a consumer’s request, if it can be verified, we will do our best to respond to it within forty-five (45) days. If the exercise of your right requires longer time than originally anticipated (up to an additional 45 days), we will provide you with written notice of the cause for the extension as well as the new deadline. Your request can be turned down if we are unable to verify it or if we are required to keep some of your personal information on file for legal or regulatory reasons (such as detecting security incidents, debugging, comply with legal obligations, etc.).
Representative of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. Natural Intelligence Ltd. has chosen the European Data Protection Office (EDPO) as its GDPR representative in the European Union in accordance with Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can get in touch with the EDPO about the GDPR by any of the following methods:

  • contacting by email
  • submitting a request through EDPO’s web form, which may be found at Requests can also be submitted in writing to EDPO at Avenue Huart Hamoir 71, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.